Increase/decrease reinforcement (Concrete Beam)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/05/17 08:11

The Increase/decrease reinforcement menu option makes it possible to increase or decrease the longitudinal reinforcement.

Longitudinal reinforcement

The longitudinal reinforcement can be increased to more than what is necessary considering bending design. This gives the user a possibility to manually adapt the reinforcement to the demands of the Serviceability Limit State.
Double click on current line to change its values. The total reinforcement that, besides bending, is demanded with consideration to any crack width and/or deflection criteria is also finally shown. The result (that is shown under total reinforcement after a completed design) is the maximum for each point regarding bending and any, by the user, decreased/increased reinforcement.
If the calculation also has been performed in the Serviceability Limit State then total reinforcement will be shown regarding bending, any crack width- and/or deflection criteria and any by the user decreased/increased reinforcement.

92848_-_denmark_flag.png The longitudinal reinforcement can if Danish Annex is active, be decreased in order to define capacity values for sections in connection with plastic design calculation. Decreasing the longitudinal reinforcement will remove the current calculation result.