Loads (Concrete Beam)

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The Loads option shows a dialog box in which the current loading can be stated. Loads can be defined either as permanent or variable and must belong to a type seen below:


The characteristic value for the loads as well as the Ultimate Limit State coefficient is being stated in the box. The coefficients for total loads and longtime loads in the Serviceability Limit State are also stated.

The coefficients for Ultimate Limit State should be defined to correspond to equations 6.10a and 6.10b. For the Serviceability Limit state coefficients defined as Total could correspond to the characteristic combination 6.14b or the frequent load combination 6.15b. Finally coefficients defined as Long term should be used to correspond to the quasi-permanent case 6.16b.

36030 - exclamation.png Note that dead load of the beam is not automatically added, it needs to be defined as well!

The Loads dialog box contains to the following tabs that match the load types:


The Settings tab lets you chose if you want to calculate Ultimate limit states or Accidental limit states


Uniform loads


Point loads


Triangular loads


Trapezoid loads


Display of loads

The loads are displayed in two rows: Variable loads are shown above the Permanent loads on the drawing area.


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