Plastic analysis (Concrete Beam)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/08/25 12:59

92848_-_denmark_flag.png Plastic design is only available for the Danish Annex to EuroCode

When an elastic design has been performed the user can decrease the calculated reinforcement at one or more points along the beam. The program will then calculate the moment capacity of the remaining reinforcement at these points as restrictions. These restrictions must be within the limits described in [1] (2) and will be used as input to the plastic calculation made with a system called LimitS developed in Denmark, see [3] and [4].

LimitS is a system for limit state analysis and material optimization which is formulated in a general finite element format with stress-based elements. The solution method is based on the lower- bound theorem, where an optimal stress distribution or an optimal material layout is determined.