Serviceability state parameters (Concrete Beam)

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The Serviceability Limit State option shows a dialog box that contains two tabs where the conditions that control the serviceability state check of the beam are defined.


Serviceability Limit State

Material properties

The user will here set the final creep coefficient and the shrinkage value.


The deflection calculation is performed by iteration where the cracking of the beam, and hence its stiffness, is changed in every step.

The options Iteration difference and Max. nbr of iterations are governing this iterative calculation.

The first condition means that the user defines a percentage, and the second conditions means that the user states the number of iterations. The calculation of deflections ends, when the differences between two iterations are less than the current percentage of the result of the first, or when the allowed number of iterations has been performed. The first reached condition will be conclusive.

Design options

In the Design options-tab it is possible to control the distribution of reinforcement for the beam with regards to specific demands considering crack widths and/or deflections.


Maximum allowed crack width can be chosen as a suitable value considering the risks of reinforcement corrosion, according to the active concrete code, or stated as an arbitrary value, to the user’s choice, for total load and/or long time load.

Limitation of deflections can be calculated with consideration to a factor of current span length or to a stated value. The selected criteria are valid for all spans.

If the deflection criteria should vary for different spans then the option Yes, use advanced settings should be chosen. The following input should then be defined.


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