Tables (Concrete Beam)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/05/17 08:12

The Tables menu option makes it possible to get the calculation results presented numerical as tables. The Analysis, Design, Serviceability Limit State and Total reinforcement are found under Tables.




The Max.moment option shows maximum top and bottom moment considering the number of load combinations.

The Max. shear forces option shows maximum shear forces at each support considering the number of load combinations.

The Support reactions option shows support reactions for each support. If an elastic calculation has been performed, column moments are shown for those
supports where column stiffness has been defined.

The Detailed result option shows maximum moment and shear force for each 1/10-point of chosen span.



The Bending reinforcement option shows required longitudinal reinforcement considering bending.

The Shear reinforcement option shows stirrup reinforcement that is dependent on shear force or chosen minimum reinforcement along the current span.

Serviceability Limit State


The Serviceability Limit State option shows maximum deflections and maximum crack widths in each span for total load as well as for longtime load and extended values for every 1/10-point.

Total reinforcement


The Longitudinal bars option shows the longitudinal reinforcement considering any crack width- or deflection criteria as well as, by the user, manually increased reinforcement.

The Stirrups option shows the total stirrup reinforcement at each span and with regards to shear, possible minimum reinforcement.