Calculate (Concrete Column)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/05/19 15:29

A dialog box with the current calculation status will be seen as shown below when the calculation has been performed. Here it can be seen which load cases have been calculated without any problems, which load cases haven’t been calculated and which load cases have warnings or errors. Warnings will be shown in yellow and errors in red.


By activating a load case, a compilation of any errors and/or warnings can be seen to the right. Current messages are shown in the information box with the Back and Next buttons. The printout field will be filled with the input and the results chosen under Printout options when a load case has been calculated. If dynamic reports are selected also these will be shown. If a result for a load case for which the user have chosen a calculation is not displayed, this probably means that the calculation couldn’t be performed. The explanation is then found in the box above.

When a Control/Checking-calculation is being performed, a smaller version of the Calculation-window is shown.