Program structure (Concrete Column)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/05/27 13:10

When starting the program the program window is shown as seen below:


In this window the code and code version to be used are selected. When leaving this window the program window is shown as seen below:


The program window consists of the following fields or windows:

  • At the top of he program window the so-called title line is showing the name of the program (Concrete Column), the project name (defined in Title) and the current file with its information (* if not Save as has been used).
  • The main menu, below the title line, contains several menu options.
  • Below the main menu there is a status bar, which contains a field that shows active program mode and active load case.
  • Below the status bar there is toolbar, and different commands can swiftly be chosen by clicking on the buttons in it. The Toolbar can be disguised, shown and moved.
  • The drawing area and the input data field dominate the program window. The input data field shows the input data for the example, and on the drawing area input data and results will be shown graphically.
  • At the bottom you have the printout field. This is where the input data and chosen result from Printout option is shown (see below). This can be sent to a printer after the preview.