Toolbar (Concrete Column)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/08/06 08:29



Each button in the toolbar represents a tool. The handling is often quicker and easier if the tools are used. The toolbar (toolbox) itself is a window and can therefore be moved and changed in size.
The user activates tools by clicking with the mouse on the chosen button. The cursor’s appearance will now change to that of the chosen tool. The toolbar contains the following commands:

  1. New
    Starts a new example.
  2. Open
    Retrieves input data from a previous calculation. A list on saved input data files (files that end with *.ccc) is shown.
  3. Save
    Saves input data for the current calculation in a file with the current file name. Save is not to be used until having used Save as.
  4. Zoom window
    A specified area can be enlarged with this button.
  5. Zoom in
    This button is used for enlarging the window gradually.
  6. Zoom out
    This button is used for reducing the window gradually.
  7. Preview printout
    This function updates the printout with consideration to changes (if there have been any) in the Printout option.
  8. Pan
    Activates the pan function.
  9. Zoom
    This button is used for zooming dynamically. After having activated this button the appearance of the cursor will change as it is introduced to the drawing area. There will be a dynamic zoom in or zoom out (depending on the direction of movement) if the left mouse button is being pressed down at the same time as the cursor is being moved.
  10. Previous
    Used for going back to the latest previous zooming position.
  11. Next
    Shows the next view.
  12. Section
    Activates the picture of the section.
  13. Stress diagram
    Activates the stress diagram.
  14. Strain diagram
    Activates the strain diagram.
  15. Compression zone
    Activates the compression zone diagram.
  16. Interaction diagram
    Activates the interaction diagrams.