General guide for calculation instructions (Concrete Section)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/06/16 11:58

This guide gives a quick walkthrogh of how to use the program.

The program operates in two modes, Design or Analysis. In design the required reinforcement is calculated to withstand the defined section forces and in analysis the user defines a reinforcement distribution and the program calculates the capacity which then is compared with these forces.

A number of load cases for the Ultimate Limit State and The Serviceability Limit State can be defined. For the ultimate limit state an axial force, moments around both axes, shear forces in both directions and a torsion moment can be defined.

Design result and associated reinforcement.

In Control mode the user defines a reinforcement distribution for the main reinforcement as well as for the links.

Control result where the moment capacity is inadequate and the reinforcement has to be increased.

Compression zone with regard to skew bending.

For load cases in the Serviceability Limit State stresses are checked and crack width is calculated. In this case the compression stress is to high.

The stress and strain distribution can be displayed graphically.

Finally when the results are satisfactory the output can be sent to a printer.