Section (Frame Analysis)

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The members are allocated cross sections by choosing from available types in the section list.


Marking the member and then double clicking on the required section in the section list makes the choice.

By clicking on the Preview button an image of the frame, with the current member marked in blue for a better survey, is displayed.

The section direction is displayed in the list and for the current section in the lower left corner. All sections are being placed in the y-y direction, i.e. with its stiff direction in the frame’s plane, as default. If the user wants to change the section direction z-z can be stated for active sections. Some sections can be rotated in 180° with the Turn option. By choosing Change these sections will change direction in the member list above.

For steel members it is possible to select one of 4 construction methods.

  • Welded
  • Warm-rolled
  • Cold-rolled
  • Cold-rolled; type

Section database


The section list is being filled in with help from the Section database, which is opened by pressing this button.

The database contains a variety of standard sections of steeland timber profiles that are connected to different codes. Furthermore, Non-standard steelNon-standard timber and Non-standard concrete as well as Numeric and Arbitrary are always available. At the Non-standard options the sections are being defined by stating applicable measures for the current type of section. At the Numeric option required geometrical values are being stated without being connected to a particular type of section. At the Arbitrary option, optional sections can be defined with a polygon. The input, to the list, of chosen section names is being done with the Add button, removed from the list with the Delete button and changed with the Change button.


Sections that are to be introduced to Project-chosen sections, which are edited by the AddDelete and Change buttons, can be chosen from the section name list.

The section that is connected to each member is displayed graphically with the Section image option in the Options menu.