Results (Frame Analysis)

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The Results option will be lit in the status field when the calculation has been completed. Then the moment diagram according to the first order theory for loadcase 1 will be shown. When the result window is activated the appearance of the main menu as well as that of the toolbox will change, see Results and Toolbar - Results.



The Diagrams menu option in the main menu makes it possible to choose what kind of calculation result should be shown graphically. The Loadcase, Moments, Shear forces, Axial forces, Deflections, Member, Increase scale, Reduce scale and Reset scale options are to be found below Diagrams. Diagrams can be drawn for the whole structure as well as for particular members.

The user chooses what loadcase is to be displayed and if the curves are to be drawn superimposed or separately.



In the above picture, in the program-window’s upper right part, there is a Loadcase window where the user chooses what loadcase is to be active, see below.


One way to show diagrams and tables for a particular member is to choose the Member option under Diagrams. This option displays the Member choice dialogue box where the user can choose a member.


The moment diagram of the selected member will be shown when the option has been made, see below.


The easiest way to get diagrams for particular members is to double click on the current member. If the left mouse-button pressed down, a cross-air pointer, as well as the current value and co-ordinate, will be visible.

The Increase scale and Reduce scale options in the Diagram menu-option makes it possible to increase or reduce the scale of the diagrams.

Results can also be shown from the toolbar, which is located at the left side of the window. A more thorough description of these tools is to be found in Toolbar - Results.



The Tables menu-option in the main menu makes it possible to have a calculation-result shown numerically in tabular form. The options Joint forces, Joint displacements, Support reactions, Spring forces, Max/Min tables and Equilibrium check are to be found under Tables.


Each table can be chosen for the 1st or 2nd order theory as well as for each loadcase.

In the joint force table, the forces for every joint, i.e. for moment, for and shear force A for axial force are given.

The table for joint displacements can look as below with displacements in mm and the torsion fi in radians.

These are given in the x- and y-direction as well as moments for supported joints in the table for support reactions.

1629121696347-835.png 1629121711432-628.png

When having calculated several loadcases at the same time the user can receive tables with maximum values for moments, shear force, axial forces and stresses with the Max/Min tables option. When it comes to moment the following table is shown.


When it comes to stresses the following table is shown.


In order to check the calculated results, an Equilibrium check can be made for all loadcases. An example is shown below.