Troubleshooting index (Concrete Column)

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The troubleshooting index is a database of questions and answers that can be consulted before contacting the support.

Minimum reinforcement according to Swedish National Annex EKS 11

Q: According to EuroCode 2, the minimum reinforcement for walls is 2‰, but according to EKS11 (Paragraph 9.6.2. (1) Note 1), it is sufficient to use 1‰. Concrete column provides minimum reinforcement according to EC2. Is there a setting that you can change in the program for this?

A: Concrete Column uses EKS11 if selected. But if the calculations are performed according to the stiffness method then 2‰ is used according to EN 1992-1-1 (5.22). This paragraph in EN 1992-1-1 will rule over any EKS11 paragraphs. There are no settings to override this. An option is to use the curvature method, in that case 1‰ is allowed.

Why can't I choose ø5 reinforcement?

Q: I want to have a smaller diameter than ø6 that is provided in the program. Why can't I choose it?

A: The reinforcement material K500 has a smallest diameter of ø6, if you want a smaller diameter, then either select Ps500 (if available) or define your own reinforcement material, then the diameters will be unlocked to select any diameter.

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