Release notes (Concrete Column)

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Concrete Column 6.5


Released: 2022-10-28


Released: 2022-07-06

  • Fix: Removed 'Distribution coefficient' from the printout since it was not relevant for column calculations (Case 121197)
  • Fix: If the reinforcement area where smaller than 0,002 Ac for Serviceability Limit State load cases the calculated 2nd order moment and thereby the stresses where  unrealistically high which is corrected (case 121264).


Released: 2022-06-13

  • Fix: When calculating stresses in the Serviceability Limit State 2nd order moments was only added in the most dangerous direction although a moment was defined in both directions, which is corrected.
    An informative message is displayed when the example is not biaxial due to the fact that imperfections is only added to the direction with the highest utilization.
    The axial force check (reduced with current moment) has been removed as it is redundant with regard to the code (case 118535).
  • Fix: New files could end up with calculation setting 'Use compression reinforcement' having an inconsistent default setting if the Calculation settings tab was not visited before calculation. This could result in lower moment capacities than intended was calculated (Case 119511).
  • Fix: For some cases where the compression stress due to the axial force was near the maximum compression capacity the belonging moment capacity was overestimated which is corrected (case 120017).
  • Fix: For an example the load point was not correct displayed in the interaction diagram which is corrected (case 120471).
  • Fix: When checking if a biaxial check should be made with regard to EC2 5.8.9.(3) design moments  where imperfections only are considered in the most dangerous direction should be used. This was not the situation in all cases which is corrected (case 120611).


Released: 2022-01-20

  • Fix: By mistake only the table of contents of the manual was available in the latest version of the program which is corrected (case 116950).
  • Fix: An error affecting the graphical presentation of the stress- and strain diagram as well as the compression zone for ULS load cases. A biaxial stress wrongly was shown as un-axial which has been corrected (case 117087).


Released: 2021-11-11

  • Fix: The following changes has been made: 2 ord moment in Serviceability Limit State calculated according the Curvature method results in larger moments than in the Ultimate Limit State which is unrealistic. After consultation with Eurokod Helpdesk the method according to the stiffness method EC2 5.7.7 is used also for the curvature method in SLS. 
    The stiffness should however not be calculated according to formula (5.10) which is valid only in ULS. The stiffness in SLS is instead calculated with regard to creep and possible cracked sections considering the reinforcement which in many cases will result in lower 2ord moments than before.
    Moment with regard to initial bow imperfections will only be considered in the most dangerous direction also in SLS.
    After consultation with Eurokod Helpdesk the criteria to choose which direction is the most dangerous in ULS is changed from comparing lc/i (lc = buckling length, i=radius of gyration) to the direction where the quota MEd/MRd is the largest.
    For SLS the most dangerous direction is chosen as the direction where the stress is largest.
  • Fix: The Add/Change window for non-standard rectangular sections showed the value for Iy, but the caption said incorrectly Ix (Case 103902).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with graphically moving bars by using the guidelines in the "Section" dialog (Case 105582).
  • Fix: Added possibility for snapping to intersection of guidelines in the Manage Reinforcement window (Case 107805).
  • Fix: The manual has been updated to reflect recent changes (Case 111712)
  • Fix: A numeric problem resulted in a wrong stress calculation and a unrealistic graphical stress figure in some very rare cases (case 111890).


Released: 2021-03-31

  • Fix: Due to an iteration problem the moment capacity in some rare cases where too large which where shown graphically by an incorrect interaction diagram (case 102861).


Released: 2021-02-26

  • Fix: When minimum reinforcement was deactivated the program still decreased the defined stirrup space at Control mode and it was also possible to define stirrup space zero when minimum reinforcement was activated. These items are corrected (case 48608).
  • Fix: Initial bow imperfections should only be considered in the most unfavorable direction when performing the biaxial check according to EC2 5.8.9 which has been corrected (case 48678).
  • Fix: Added a check  when buckling length is zero and no bracing is set (Case 69763).
  • Fix: The buckling length input for walls has been simplified to only show one direction. A check has also been added to not permit a calculation if the buckling length for columns in the z-direction is zero (case 81806).
  • Fix: When the total section is under compression no check regarding minimum reinforcement due to crack width limitation according to EC2 7.3.2 should be performed which is corrected (case 83788).
  • Fix: It is no longer possible to copy reinforcement from one section type to another type (case 88805).
  • Fix: The manual has been updated (case 97187).
  • Fix: Examples where the calculation resulted in an infinite loop are now deleted with an error message (case 97566).
  • Fix: A non-relevant choice in the Calculation Settings window was deleted, "Plain Concrete" (case 98607).
  • Fix: Reduced the number of requested licenses from Concrete Column (Case 100273).
  • Fix: Made sure circular columns only does cover check in regards to one of the given cover values (top & bottom) (Case 101048).
  • Fix: The "Manage Reinforcement" Window showed incorrect data in first column (Case 101053)
  • Fix: Warning for effective creep value was shown even when correct values was given (Case 101499).

Concrete Column 6.4


Released: 2018-07-03

  • Fix: For section types (e.g. Wall) expressing reinforcement amount as centre distance, editing bar by bar similar to other section types is disabled (Case 51170).
  • Fix: In some cases when changing from Design to Control for a wall section the cc distance was set to 9999 which is corrected (case 57548).
  • Fix: The check for minimum reinforcement area in the Serviceability Limit State according to EC2 7.3.2 was not corrected for circular sections which is corrected (case 64655).
  • Fix: A problem concerning cc distances for wall sections in some cases producing wrong results has been corrected (case 65457).


Released: 2018-04-13

  • Fix: Made sure the addition to design moment from 2nd order effects are added before calculating axial capacity reduced by that same design moment (Case 51218).
  • Fix: In Design mode reinforcement was sometimes generated outside the section for T-sections and L-sections which is corrected (case 60280).
  • Fix: A warning about the importance to define creep values has been added (case 63381).


Released: 2017-05-05

  • Fix: Improved the logic behind the incremental placing of reinforcement during the design process (Case 50407).


Released: 2017-03-28

  • Fix: Reinforcement amount increased with increasing bar diameter for curvature method used for Wall sections (Case 49158).
  • Fix: The load point (more specifically the moment) in the interaction diagrams lacked the addition from unintentional load eccentricity (Case 49232)
  • Fix: Renamed reinforcement material B500B to K500C-T for Swedish national annex (Case 49267).


Released: 2017-03-14

  • New: Added support for 'Wall' sections (Case 37549).
  • Fix: Check for minimum reinforcement for SLS loadcases according to EC2 7.3.2 added (case 43170).
  • Fix: If minimum reinforcement is deactivated no demand for stirrups in columns should be displayed which has been corrected (case 43311).
  • Fix: When using the Curvature Method a check for slender compression capacity was also done. This check was made with regard to a buckling capacity based on the nominal stiffness calculated according to the stiffness method. As this check is not needed when using the Curvature Method it has been deleted (case 44206).
  • Fix: Dialog for user defined reinforcement no longer gets limit state from selected loadcase. It now correctly show values for ULS only, as stated in dialog "Manage reinforcement material." (Case 47249).
  • Fix: The crack width calculation was wrong in a case with skew bending due to a numerical problem which is corrected (case 48245).


Released: 2016-07-05

  • Fix: Buckling lengths set to zero as default and a warning is added when both buckling lengths remain zero at calculation (Case 12663).
  • Fix: Implemented more favorable constants when calculating additional moment due only to initial imperfection, i.e. no external moments, in accordance with EN 1992 (2-3) and (4) (case 32532).
  • Fix: Certain extreme values caused asymmetric moment capacities to be calculated for symmetric sections/loads (Case 42579).


Released: 2015-06-26

  • Updated license handling (added FlexNet support).
  • Fix: For an example the moment capacity when calculating according to the curvature method was zero which is corrected (Case 20485).


Released: 2015-03-09

  • Fix: Warnings for too high compression stress in the Serviceability limit state according to EC2 7.2 (2) and (3) has been moved from the result to warning messages.
  • A warning message regarding tensile stress in the reinforcement to avoid unacceptable cracking for the Serviceability Limit State according to EC2 7.2 (5) has been added.
  • A check for max allowed compression stress fck and max allowed tensile stress fyk in the Serviceability Limit State has been added in the result (Case 25201).


Released:  2014-12-19

  • Fix: For SLS load cases the stress calculation considered wrongly on the safe side initial bow imperfection in both directions at the same time which has been corrected (Case 24005).
  • Fix: For SLS load cases a warning message is displayed if the concrete compression exceeds 0.45 fck as then non-linear creep should be considered (Case 24005).
  • Fix: For SLS load cases in environment classes XD, XF and XS a warning is displayed if the concrete compression exceeds 0.6 fck to avoid the risk for longitudinal cracks. (Case 24005).


Released: 2014-10-22

  • Fix: The decimal on values added through in the graphical user interface were sometimes removed.
  • Fix: Error message added alerting the user for when no compressive axial force is present (Case 21298).


Released: 2014-05-12

  • Fixed: Creep value was incorrectly reset to zero when opening saved files (Case 19020).


Released: 2014-04-16

  • Fix: Moved all program specific settings and databases to the user profile folder to avoid potential user rights issues.

Concrete Column 6.3


Released: 2016-02-05

  • New: Added support for the FlexNet license system.


Released: 2015-03-09

  • Fix: Creep value was reset to zero at reopening of saved files (Case 26513).


Released:  2014-10-22

  • Fix: The decimal on values added through in the graphical user interface were sometimes removed.


Released: 2014-04-14

  • Fix: Moved all program specific settings and databases to the user profile folder to avoid potential user rights issues.


Released: 2013-09-09

  • The start-up time have been reduced.
  • Default language has been changed to English.


Released: 2013-04-02

  • Fixed an issue with the database files not being copied when changing target folder for the section and material databases.


Released:  2013-03-15

  • If the moment with regard to unintentional load eccentricity was decisive it was used in both directions in the biaxial check. As this effect only has to be considered in one direction at a time it should only be used in direction and the actual moment in the other which is corrected.
  • If a moment was defined in one direction and afterwards the column was defined as supported in that direction the calculation for the Serviceability Limit State where in some cases still using the moment and the initial bow imperfection moment in the supported direction in the stress calculation which is corrected.
  • It is from now on possible to disregard initial bow imperfection for Serviceability load cases.
  • The result presentation for Serviceability load cases has been adjusted as in some cases not the total moment used in the stress and crack calculation was displayed which is corrected.
  • If a creep value was defined for a long time SLS load case and this load case was changed to short and back to long again the creep value was wrongly set to zero which is corrected.
  • Some texts have been added in the buckling input to clarify which defined buckling length is connected to which buckling direction.


Released: 2012-12-21

  • Updated the installation file to accomodate the new StruSoft Installer.
  • If the defined reinforcement was less than the minimum requirements the program displayed an error about inadequate capacity which was confusing. From now on a correct error message is displayed in this situation.


Released: 2012-10-02

  • Updated the way in which the program handles the layout file for the print engine.
  • Updated the module responsible for saving program settings and search paths.


Released: 2012-09-07

  • A warning is displayed if unrealistic values for the creep- or shrinkage factor is defined.
  • Updated the way in which user specific settings and data is stored.


Released: 2012-05-09

  • Some English translations have been added.


Released: 2012-02-20

  • New version of the license system (version 3.0.18).
  • Updates made to the installtion script pertaining to silent install.
  • Fixed a bug causing minimum spacing between links to not be calculated correctly.


Released: 2011-12-22

  • A new license system (version 3.0) has been implemented.