Release notes (Frame Analysis)

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Frame Analysis 6.5


Released: 2023-05-11

  • Fix: In the Wizards when defining wind load the words "Building height" was only displayed as "Building" which is corrected (case 123830).
  • Fix: The program complained about to small amount of reinforcement regarding the stiffness method even for cases where no calculation according to this method was going to be performed, which is corrected (case 124018).
  • Fix: The wrong set of section forces was used in the shear check for timber design when the load where acting in the weak direction which is corrected (Case 124249)
  • Fix: Strength values for softwood and hardwood has been modified according to EN 338:2016 (case 125355).
  • Fix: The kh value for massive  timber according to EN 1995-1 3.2 (3) was activated for tension when the section width was less than 150 mm but should only be activated if the largest section measurement is less than 150 mm which is corrected (case 125357).
  • Fix: When displaying the utilization list for a number of members the list was correct when choosing the option "Utilization ratio" but not when choosing the option "Member" which is corrected (case 126034).


Released: 2022-10-28

  • New: It is now possible to use Swedish national annex EKS 12, BFS 2022-4. (Case 122074)
  • New: It is now possible to update the load combinations to the current version of the code. (Case 101744)
  • Fix: Section windows now shows the group-column correct again. (Case 121290)
  • Fix: Geometry windows now shows the columns correct again. (Case 121662)
  • Fix: Spelling errors. (Case 121292)
  • Fix: Loads windows now shows the columns correct again. (Case 121661)
  • Fix: Updated the save/load combinations function. (Case 121690)
  • Fix: The weight of some timber members had the wrong values in the documentation print out. The calculations were correct and has not been changed. (Case 122651)


Released: 2022-06-30

  • Fix: For some cases where the compression stress due to the axial force was near the maximum compression capacity the belonging moment capacity was overestimated which is corrected (case 120879).
  • Fix: On the drawing canvas, prevented an unsupported joint to be moved ontop of another unsupported joint on the same element. This would have caused them to share the same geometrical coordinate which is not allowed (Case 120605).
  • Fix: New manuals for the Steel module and the Timber module has been added (case 120744).
  • Fix: For concrete structures the critical load points will from now on be displayed in the interaction diagram (case 120987).


Released: 2022-04-13

  • Fix: The maximum spacing for stirrups was calculated according to EC2 9.2.2 (5) but not checked according to 9.2.2 (6) which is corrected. (case 43136)
  • Fix: Made sure equivalent uniform moment factor Cmy0 is always calculated according to first order moment shapes. This factor is used when calculating integration factors kyy, kzy, kyz and kzz (Case 49603).
  • Fix: It was not possible to change the annex if not the concrete module, being first in the list, was present which is corrected (case 101730).
  • Fix: Made the code checks twice as dense as previous versions (Case 101843)
  • Fix: A text in the Capacity window during steel design was somewhat misleading and has been changed (case 103090).
  • Fix: Revised the deadload calculation to consider concrete weight as 25 kN/m3 rather than 2500 kg/m3 (Case 106267).
  • Fix: When choosing "concrete input" and then "select all" some changed input did not affect all selected elements which is corrected (case 106565).
  • Fix: An issue with the determination of section class along the column caused the interaction coefficient kzy to differ between two mirroring cases. The coefficient should be the same in both cases which now have been corrected (Case 106654).
  • Fix: Added possibility for snapping to intersection of guidelines in the Manage Reinforcement window (Case 108764).
  • Fix: For a concrete member a defined support out of the plane did not reduce the buckling length in this direction which is corrected (case 110052).
  • Fix: In the case when the user has chosen a hot rolled steel and then changed to a cold rolled by double clicking on the element it was still hot rolled which has been corrected (case 110055).
  • Fix: In the steel module, for a fully supported flange in a single symmetric cross section the calculation of critical load considering flexural-torsional buckling produced a numerical error causing related code check to be omitted for certain column segments (110267).
  • Fix: For the special case of a single symmetrical section continually supported out of the frame plane at one edge, the critical lateral torsional buckling moment Mcr was wrongly calculated which is corrected (case 110342).
  • Fix: When defining Load combinations a + sign was displayed between the partial coefficient and the load case which made the coefficient redundant and a manual change necessary which has been corrected (case 112505).
  • Fix: Some values has been slightly changed due to an updated certificate for Kerto beams (case 116807).
  • Fix: The program could not find a solution for the critical lateral torsional buckling  Mcr for a member due to a numerical problem which resulted in a small moment where it should have been zero. A solution for this have been implemented (case 116811).
  • Fix: A problem to correctly define Load combinations if a Concrete code (first in the list) was not present has been corrected (case 117416).
  • Fix: Some minor corrections of menu words has been done, (case 117437).
  • Fix: The possibility to rotate square steel sections with constant thickness has been removed (case 118064).
  • Fix: In the design check Torsional and flexural buckling out of the frame plane for steel sections a 2nd axial force where mixed with 1th order moment. In this check only 1th order section forces should be used which is corrected (case 118203).
  • Fix: As imperfections only has to be considered in the most dangerous direction and  according to Eurocode Helpdesk this is the direction with the highest utilization some examples that before presented a biaxial check now instead displays an information that no biaxial check is needed (case 119439).
  • Fix: When calculating in the Serviceability Limit State with a 1th order analysis stresses was done with 1th order section forces which has been corrected  (case 119557).
  • Fix: The manuals to Frame Analysis, the Wizard and the Concrete Module has been updated (case 119589).


Released: 2021-02-26

  • Fix: Problems to define automatic load combinations when language "Swedish" was chosen has been corrected (case 83208).
  • Fix: Keep load combination string when changing Type and no pre-set combination is chosen (Case 93820)
  • Fix: Adjusted 'current diameter check' when opening/closing in the layer dialog, making it independent of specific x-values along the element  (Case 95838).
  • Fix: If changes in 'Calculation settings' (load combination tab) is canceled some value where incorrectly reset (Case 95891).
  • Fix: For timber structures the kcr factor according to EC5 6.1.7 and the Swedish annex was wrongly calculated for structures not exposed to rain and sun which is corrected (case 98788).
  • Fix: Reduced the number of requested licenses from Frame Analysis (Case 100277).


Released: 2020-09-18

  • Fix: For the section type "Variable rectangular section " the stirrups where wrongly drawn partly outside the section which is corrected (case 92982).
  • Fix: An error resulting in a to large capacity for vertical  steel elements (columns) continously supported out of the frame plane on the tension side and free on the compression side  has been corrected. The reduction due to lateral torsional buckling shown in the capacity window was not presented in the code check window where instead  wrongly the message " Side support prevents lateral torsional buckling" where shown. For horizontal elements (beams) the calculation where correct (case 93556).


Released: 2020-05-27

  • Fix: For a special case a warning message for minimum reinforcement where shown although the reinforcement was adequate which is corrected (case 89265).


Released: 2020-04-27

  • Fix: Incorrect national annex could under certain circumstances be assumed in the load wizards (Case 84007).
  • Fix: Fixed a few issues pertaining interpretation of signs in the manual loadcombination textbox in the loadcombination window (Case 86633)


Released: 2019-11-04

  • Fix: When changing the Reliability class in the Load combination window the program sometimes crashed which has been corrected (case 73702).
  • Fix: For the Swedish annex partial factors with regard to reliability class was added also for Serviceability Limit loadcombinations which has been corrected and the word Consequence class has been changed to Reliability class. (case 82404).
  • Fix: A problem where the purlins where only considered at one side of the support in the design has been corrected (case 82443).
  • Fix: Incorrect index for duration class was used when determining k_mod in the timber module (Case 82506).
  • Fix: The factor Sr,max was wrongly calculated for pure tension of the section resulting in a too small crack width which has been corrected (case 82682).


Released: 2019-09-30

  • New : Export to FEM-Design Steel Joint (Case 72720).
  • New : Automatic load coefficient generator for load combinations (Case 73983).
  • Fix: The dead load for profile KKR 120x120x6.3 was wrong which has been corrected (case 13658).
  • Fix: Some minor translations has been corrected in the printout (case 23124).
  • Fix: The snow load for saddle roofs was slightly overestimated which is corrected (case 51068).
  • Fix: When calculating according to the curvature method some aspects of the stiffness method was still taken into consideration in the Code Check window. This has been corrected (68871).
  • Fix: When calculating the Sr,max value involved in the crack width formula then in some rare cases parts of the reinforcement on the compression side was added to the tension reinforcement area resulting in a to low Sr,max value which is corrected (case 81099).
  • Fix: A warning regarding minimum reinforcement for beams was wrongly displayed which is corrected (case 78196).
  • Fix: Fixed a program crash in the window for unsupported joints, viewed with absolute values (Case 81530).

Frame Analysis 6.4


Released: 2018-12-05

  • Fix: Elements with compressive normal force are now treated as columns when determining min. reinforcement, i.e. max spacing for stirrups (Case 13047).
  • Fix: The moment capacity in the stress check should be reduced when the shear force is larger than 50% of the shear capacity.  For the case combined moment and axial force the total moment capacity was conservatively reduced instead of only the moment capacity from the part of the section used for calculating shear capacity which is corrected (case 63058).
  • Fix: When the program calculates initial reinforcement minimum requirements from the code are considered. If user defined reinforcement does not follow these requirements a warning has been added (case 67663).
  • Fix: The last row of the project comment falls away in the printout (Case 69047).
  • Fix: The lateral torsional buckling capacity where for some cases underestimated which has been corrected. It applies to elements with a support moment at one or both ends end if the support moment is larger than the span moment (case 69172).
  • Fix: Calculation of capacity according to the stiffness method (EN1992-1-1 5.8.7)  requires  a reinforcement area As > 0.002 Ac (case 70237).
  • Fix: 'Using user defined values' is now properly taken into consideration when printing gamma values (Case 70987).
  • Fix: For rotational springs the grade was wrongly displayed in some cases which is corrected (case 71856).


Released: 2018-07-27

  • Fix: Slightly angled (and very short) beam elements could lure Frame to incorrectly displaying the warning 'No serviceability Limit loadcase calculated or calculation not finished' in the result tables (Case 65784).
  • Fix: For single symmetrical I-sections the program used the elastic section modulus instead of the plastic for sections in section class 1 and 2 which is corrected (case 65893).
  • Fix: An error  concerning the calculation of the plastic section modulus with regard to the weak direction for non-standard U-sections  has been corrected (case 65898).
  • Fix: An HSQ section was wrongly set to rolled  instead of welded which made the section class calculation  incorrect (case 66122).
  • Fix: For user defined steel sections the program assumed welded section which also is default. If the construction method was changed to cold-formed the calculation was wrong and the capacity somewhat overestimated which is corrected (66957).


Released: 2018-04-06

  • Fix: Made sure the gamma values are correctly updated when you choose to edit an existing (user defined) material (Case 64785).
  • Fix: The effect of creep and shrinkage on the deflection for Serviceability Limit State load cases was not correctly calculated for un-cracked sections only (case 64787).


Released: 2018-02-16

  • Fix: Define code window didn't allow for code versions to be chosen for a certain set of available licenses on the server/or file (Case 63437).


Released: 2018-02-14

  • Fix: The 2ord moment for timber structures was somewhat overestimated as the program did not recognize the load-duration for the basic loadcases when calculting the E-modulus. All load cases where then choosen as permanent (case 62544).
  • Fix: Changing section and material from concrete to steel could sometimes cause memory error resulting in program freeze (Case 62932).
  • Fix: The dialog for "Define code" did not allow selection of a annex tied to a license that was all consumed (Case 63008).
  • Fix : For Swedish national annex, the check for minimum concrete grade in regards to current exposue class (table E.1N) is removed (Case 63212).


Released: 2017-12-15

  • Fix: Made sure long section names can be fully viewed in certain section database windows and similarly in the printout (Case 52909).


Released: 2017-12-08

  • Fix: The text for limit state,'ULS' and 'SLS', seems to sometimes disappear from the printout and the loadcombination GUI (Case 60731).
  • Fix: Fixed an error for when Frame translates the visual model to a FE-model, in terms of togologi and empty nodes specifically (Case 61227).


Released: 2017-11-09

  • Fix: The current buckling lengths are from now on displayed in the Capacity window also for concrete members (Case 51348).
  • Fix: The compression check for the Serviceability Limit State displayed in the code check window where for an example shown for the wrong load case which is corrected (Case 52146).
  • Fix: The Define Code window was incorrecty reset if one of the code version was set as 'no code' (Case 58496).


Released: 2017-05-31

  • Fix: Files saved as code independent gives "unexpected file format" error when opening (Case 49872).
  • Fix: VKR and KKR gives cold- and warm rolled mismatch in steel design (Case 50428).


Released: 2017-03-28

  • Fix: During certain circumstances the chooser for dependent load combination was inactive in the 'Loadcase' window (Case 48930).
  • Fix: For plate sections, the design results where reset to zero when the calculation for minimum reinforcement failed (case 49269).
  • Fix: Renamed reinforcement material B500B to K500C-T for Swedish national annex (Case 49267).


Released: 2017-03-14

  • New: The 'Define code' windows now allows for choosing 'no code' for the design modules, thus releasing that license for others to use when connecting to a license server (Case 33733).
  • Fix: Frame froze up while looking for calculation convergence (Case 46328).
  • Fix: Removed warning that sometimes popped up when double-clicking on fra-files saying 'There was a problem while sending the command to the program' (Case 46914).
  • Fix: The kcr factor used in shear test for timber structures was wrongly set to 0.8 for the Swedish Annex when code value was chosen. An option for structures exposed to sun and rain according to EKS 10 has been added which results in kcr=0.67 if chosen, otherwise 1.0 (case 47534).


Released: 2016-11-08

  • Fix: Concrete calculation in 'code independent mode' used incorrect values for E-modulus (Case 45369).
  • Fix: When designing according to 2nd order theory the buckling length in the plane of the frame is not used unless to calculate the interaction factors kzy, kyz. Due to a change made recently this buckling length was in some cases wrong resulting in wrong integration factors which has been corrected. (case 45636)
  • Fix: When a 2nd order design is performed the buckling length in the plane of the frame is normally not needed except to calculate the interaction factors kyz and kzy. If a unrealistically large buckling length where defined this resulted in negative integration factors which then where chosen to zero resulting in no contribution from the moment in the interaction formula. This has been adjusted and if the integration factors are found to be negative they are from now on chosen to the maximum value 1.5 (Case 45643).


Released: 2016-10-13

  • Fix: Added an extended error message for when all licenses are consumed. The extra message contains the current users.


Released: 2016-09-06

  • ■    Fix: When the design is made according to 2nd order theory no buckling length with regard to flexural buckling in the frames plan is normally required. However when the kyz and kzy factors involved in the flexural buckling out of the frame plane are calculated this buckling length is required. Normally this buckling length as default is the same as the member length but can be changed by the user. If the unsupported joints are used e.g. for trusses the member length is normally much larger than the buckling length and therefore the program from now on will choose the largest distance between two nodes as a default value for the buckling length when a 2nd order design is performed (Case 38856).
  • Fix: The density for glulam qualities changed to mean density (Case 40928).
  • Fix: The profile KKR 220x220-10 had to small thickness which has been corrected (Case 41616).
  • Fix: The material data in the printout for glulam materials was partly incorrect. The calculation and results was however correct  (Case 42826).
  • Fix: A number of  VKR profiles was recently wrongly added as KKR profiles. The ones available as KKR has been corrected and the rest marked as not available (Case 43777).
  • Fix: A number of VKR and KKR profiles from SS-EN 10210 and SS-EN 10219 has been added. Some values for VKR and KKR profiles added a long time ago has been slightly changed which has been corrected (Case 43885).
  • Fix: A number of VKR and KKR profiles from SS-EN 10210 and SS-EN 10219 has been added. Some values for VKR and KKR profiles added a long time ago has been slightly changed which has been corrected (Case 43885).


Released: 2016-06-20

  • Fix: For load wizards, the generate button didn't create a dead load which is corrected. (Case 31822).
  • Fix: Added a check for web shear compression failure (case 40321).
  • Fix: The elastic section modulus was used for U-sections when calculating bending around z-axis in sections class 1 & 2, now plastic section modulus is used instead. (Case 40405).


Released: 2016-04-18

  • Fix: Reworked the tables in Result Mode making sure all data is shown correctly (Case 40112, 40116, 40123).


Released: 2016-04-13

  • Fix: For steel design the program in some cases wrongly uses a lower initial bow imperfection value from an earlier code instead of the values in EC2 table 5.1. This affects design based on a 2nd order analysis which means that the capacity in those cases could be somewhat overestimated. A design based on a 1th order analysis is not affected (Case 39426).
  • Fix: The initial bow imperfection value for each member is now displayed in the print output for Concrete, Steel and Timber (Case 39908).


Released: 2015-12-22

  • Fix: A warning about defining an effective creep value should not be displayed either when an effective creep value or a dependency to a SLS loadcase with creep is defined for every ULS loadcases (case 35455).


Released: 2015-11-04

  • Fix: The E-modulus was not reduced by the effective creep value for Accidental ULS loadcases which is corrected. When switching between ordinary and Accidental type for ULS loadcases the effective creep value was set to zero which is corrected. (Case 34831).
  • Fix: A warning about the importance to define an effective creep value according to EC2 5.8.4 (1) in second order analysis and design has been added (Case 35032).


Released: 2015-10-28

  • Fix: When license server ran out of optional licenses such as design codes and wizard Frame when into lockdown mode incorrectly (Case 34497).


Released: 2015-10-21

  • Fix: A number of KKR-profiles recently added where by mistake implemented with ten times to large elastic and plastic section modulus which has been corrected. This problem affects the following profiles (Case 34365):
    100x60x8, 120x60x8, 120x60x10, 120x80x10, 140x80x5, 140x80x6.3, 140x80x8, 140x80x10, 150x100x12, 150x100x12.5, 160x80x10, 160x80x12, 160x80x12.5, 180x100x4, 180x100x5, 180x100x6.3, 180x100x12, 180x100x12.5, 200x100x4, 200x100x12, 200x100x16, 200x120x6.3, 200x120x12, 200x120x12.5, 250x150x12, 250x150x12.5, 250x150x16, 260x180x6, 260x180x6.3, 260x180x8, 260x180x10, 260x180x12, 260x180x12.5, 260x180x16, 300x200x12, 300x200x16, 400x200x12, 400x200x16, 450x250x8, 450x250x10, 450x250x12, 450x250x12.5, 450x250x16, 500x300x10, 500x300x12, 500x300x12.5, 500x300x16, 500x300x20.


Released: 2015-10-16

  • Fix: The deflection for timber structures was wrong (to large) for SLS load cases if a 2:nd order analysis was made which has been corrected (Case 34060).
  • Fix: A new standard section for Veneer beams 45x450 mm has been added (Case 33944).
  • Fix: No printout was displayed if no template was activated which has been corrected (Case 33029).
  • Fix: Glulam qualities can no longer be defined for rectangular Non-Standard timber sections which has been corrected (Case 33241).


Released: 2015-09-09

  • Fix: Reduction factor alpha_cw was used in NA:swe even for non-prestressed sections (Case 32895).
  • Fix: Adjusted visualization for circular section (case 32897)
  • Fix: Unreasonably high amount of shear reinforcement calculated in circular section during extreme bending (Case 32902).


Released: 2015-09-04

  • Fix: Message "Version conflict between Frame Analysis and code module" is shown incorrectly and interrupting calculation (case 32789).


Released: 2015-08-31

  • Fix: Frame ended up in lockdown mode when lacking at least one license per material group (Case 32480, 32386, 32549).
  • Fix: Added NA Sweden in section 6.3.1 (Shear capacity) + revised material properties for solid timber. New calculation of Emean,fin for 2nd order in section 2.3.2 (Load-duration and moisture influences on deformations). (Case 31167)


Released: 2015-08-18

  • Fix: Automatic update of length (or fraction of length) when alternating reference joint (1 or 2) (Case 30090).
  • Fix: Possible to change an unsupported joint from Relative to Absolute from within the dialog 'Unsupported joints' (tab 'Coordinate') (Case 30092).
  • Fix: Printing was prevented, only blank page was shown (Case 31978).
  • Fix: Glulam qualities updated accoring to EN 14080:2013 (Case 28518).


Released: 2015-06-26

  • Updated license handling (added FlexNet support).
  • Fix: The shear capacity for some circular tube sections where highly overestimated which is corrected (Case 29038).


Released: 2015-04-10

  • Fix: Printing design results could end up in program crash under certain circumstances (Case 28344).


Released: 2015-03-09

  • Fix: Adjusted the bending calculation to avoid certain elements sometimes not being controlled even though all information was given (Case 26685).


Released: 2014-12-19

  • Fix: In some cases the calculation was on the safe side made with regard to cracked sections although this option was not activated which has been corrected (Case 24252).


Released: 2014-12-08

  • Fix: Adding materials to the 'Numerical' and 'Arbitrary (user def.)' databases caused permission error (Case 24514).
  • Fix: Steel sections KKR 250x150x6, 200x120x6, 200x120x8, and 200x120x10 showed incorrect section width in the database window. All other section parameters was correct (Case 23483).
  • Fix: Timber, for the Norwegian annex the kcr value has been set to 0.8 for glulam (Case 24491).


Released: 2014-10-22

  • Fix: The decimal on values added through in the graphical user interface were sometimes removed.
  • Fix: Irrelevant error message concerning unreferenced nodes was removed (Case 21299).
  • Fix (Concrete): Fctm is now used as nominal crack stress in calculating the crack moment (Case 21223).


Released: 2014-09-03

  • Fix (Steel): For members with no 1ord moment the lateral torsional buckling calculation sometimes resulted in a division with zero error. This has been corrected (Case 21122).
  • Fix (Steel) : For massive rectangular steel sections defined with width larger than height and rotated 90 degrees the capacity was wrong which has been corrected (Case 21123).
  • Fix (Steel): Allowed undefined combinations of thickness and material class to be used in the calculation, with attached warning of course (Case 21194).
  • Fix (Concrete): Translated Exposure Classes to Environmental Classes for Danish annex in EN1992-1-1 (Case 19953).
  • Fix: For some cases the program after design informed wrongly that all load cases was not calculated which has been corrected (Case 21124).


Released: 2014-04-16

  • New: (Steel) Calculations for slender sections according to section class 4 considering local buckling can now be performed.
  • Fix: (Concrete) If an ULS load case is dependent of a SLS load case it is no longer possible to define an effective creep value for that load case as creep is calculated through the dependency (Case 16307).
  • Fix: (Concrete) An error causing a deleted creep value not being zero has been corrected (Case 16307).
  • Fix: (Concrete) An error concerning the utilization for negative moment not being properly checked for max value in the summation expressed as loadcase "All" in the "Code Check" dialog.  (Case 16341).
  • Fix: (Steel) In some cases the lateral buckling check was made with regard to a moment causing compression at a continuously supported flange which has been corrected (Case 17465).
  • Fix: (Timber) The section 45x220 has been added for material Kerto (Case 16143).
  • Fix: (Timber) At timber design the default value for the kcr factor for Kerto elements has been changed from 0.67 to 1.0 (Case 16980).
  • Fix: (Steel) An error resulting in a wrong critical lateral-torsional moment Mcr in case of odd support conditions with regard to the current moment distribution has been corrected (Case 18182).
  • Fix: (Timber) Special sawed timber has been added to the standard timber section database (Case 16144).
  • Fix: Moved all program specific settings and databases to the user profile folder to avoid potential user rights issues.

Frame Analysis 6.3


Released: 2016-02-05

  • New: Added support for the FlexNet license system.


Released: 2014-10-22

  • Fix: The decimal on values added through in the graphical user interface were sometimes removed.


Released: 2014-04-14

  • Fix: Moved all program specific settings and databases to the user profile folder to avoid potential user rights issues.


Released: 2013-12-20

  • It is now possible to calculate also Veneer beams (Kerto beams) according to EC5.
  • The density for concrete changed to 25kN/m3 according to EN 1991-1-1 Appendix A meaning that the acceleration of gravity is taken as 10.0 instead of 9.81 m/s2 as before.
  • For a U-section defined as “Arbitrary user defined” the stress calculation was wrong which has been corrected.


Released: 2013-07-23

  • Wizards(EU): Snow load changed from 0.9 kN/m2 to 1.0 kN/m2 for Danish national annex.
  • Steel design(BSK): Fixed a presentation error concerning the utilization check for lateral torsional buckling.
  • Fixed an issue causing settings made in the view menu to reset after you restart the program.
  • English is the the default language for new installations (re-install keeps old setting).
  • Concrete design (EU): Fixed a discrepancy between the utilization colouring on the canvas compared with the code check window.
  • Reworked some of the input control concerning deflections causing the "division with zero" warning to incorrectly appear.
  • Program settings are now saved in the current user folder rather than a common folder.
  • Added increased mouse control for zoom (mouse wheel scroll= zoom in/out, mouse wheel click + drag = pan, mouse wheel double click = zoom extent).


Released: 2013-04-02

  • Fixed an issue with the database files not being copied when changing target folder for the section and material databases.


Released: 2013-03-15

  • The load wizards with regard to EC is now implemented which means that design is now also possible for the special steel truss sections double L- and double U-profiles.
  • If the load situation is such that no section forces can be calculated an error message is from now on displayed to inform about this.
  • Steel:   For some newly added symmetric KKR profiles the second moment of inertia was 100 times to large which has been corrected.


Released: 2013-01-21

  • ■    Steel: Fixed bug where Nx along the element was in some cases neglected when calculating interaction variables.
  • ■    Changed the name of the user defined steel material to mirror given material parameter.


Released: 2012-12-21

  • Updated the installation file to accomodate the new StruSoft Installer.
  • In some cases it was not possible to change language if the program was not installed by an administrator which is corrected.
  • Steel: An error in some cases causing the integration factor kzy to be slightly wrong has been corrected.
  • Steel: For an example no solution for lateral-torsional buckling could be found which is corrected.
  • Steel: The formula calculation the integration factor kzz has been slightly changed in the code EN 1993-1-1 which is corrected.
  • Concrete: A problem causing the shear capacity being zero at the very end of a member if the member length and the shear reinforcement area differ by a very small distance has been corrected.
  • Concrete: The warning about to large distance between shear links was not always displayed because the error list was not reset when a new calculation started which is corrected.
  • Concrete: A problem causing the reinforcement to be drawn outside the member if the design option “Detailed” was chosen is corrected.
  • Timber: The flexural buckling check when calculating according to 2nd order theory is changed by removing the exponent on the relation between the axial force and the axial force capacity.


Released: 2012-10-11

  • Fixed a bug that blocked the material choice dialog from popping up when clicked upon in the reinforcement grid for stirrups.


Released: 2012-10-02

  • Updated the way in which the program handles the layout file for the print engine.
  • Updated the module responsible for saving program settings and search paths.


Released: 2012-09-18

  • For short time loadcases the E-modulus for timber members should not be reduced by the kdef value considering creep which is corrected.
  • In the Timber module the value of the kh factor according to EN 1995-1-1 3.2 for sections in tension was wrong which has been corrected.


Released: 2012-09-07

  • It was not possible to change the resolution on the drawing area which is corrected.
  • For design according to the Swedish steel code BSK in some cases a wrong axial force was used for the bucklimg check out of the frame plane which is corrected.
  • The lateral torsional buckling capacity was wrong for cantilever members supported at the tension side which has been corrected.
  • In some cases the lateral torsional buckling capacity was lower for members supported at the tension side than for non-supported members. In this case the latter capacity will be used.
  • The steel design strength for the Swedish annex is from now on calculated according to EN 10025-2 which means that the strength is depended on the thickness of the section parts.
  • The steel H-sections could not be saved properly which is corrected.
  • The section lists for hole profiles VKR and KKR has been revised. Profiles which are no longer available in the standard selection has been marked with an indication and some new profiles has been added.
  • A warning will be displayed if unrealistic values for the creep- or shrinkage factor is defined.
  • A problem to open files defined with the gerber macro has been solved.
  • Updated the way in which user specific settings and data is stored.


Released: 2012-05-09

  • The section class for HSQ beams was wrongly set to section class 4 if the construction method was set to warm-rolled which is corrected.
  • The safety factor gM2 has been removed from the program as it is not used.
  • The shear capacity fvk for glulam qualities L40c and L40s has been increased from 2.7 kPa to 3.5 kPa.
  • For 2nd order steel design with a low axial force in a member a pure “Lateral torsional buckling check” could be more dangerous than the “Flexural torsional and lateral torsional buckling check” and therefore this former check has been added as well.
  • For I- and U-sections a wrong section class was sometimes presented in the Section class window although the calculation was correct.
  • The web-buckling check for slender steel sections was wrong and has been corrected.
  • For 2nd order design the interaction factors kij are maximized to 1.5 as otherwise unrealistic values could be calculated depending on the buckling length chosen as the full member length in the frame plane.
  • The calculation of the critical lateral torsional moment Mcr for a constant or linear varying moment distribution that does not change sign along the member was not dependent on the load level. This has been changed so when the load level is at top the buckling length is increased with 2h and when it is at bottom the length is decreased with 0.5h.
  • For Norwegian annex the gM values has been changed to 1.25 for solid timber and 1.15 for glued laminated timber.


Released: 2012-02-20

  • New version of the license system (version 3.0.18).
  • Updates made to the installtion script pertaining to silent install.
  • Fixed a bug causing the reinforcement to be deleted right after it was added in the Concrete Input window (Reinforcement).


Released: 2012-01-11

  • Fixed a bug causing the reinforcement to be deleted right after it was added in the Concrete Input window.


Released: 2011-12-22

  • A new license system (version 3.0) has been implemented.
  • A problem resulting in to low lateral torsional buckling capacity for members continously supported at the tension side has been corrected.
  • A printout problem concerning tube sections has been corrected (steel).
  • T-sections is no longer possible to turn around which never was intended (timber).