Release notes (Masonry Design)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2022/10/31 13:39

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Masonry Design 6.5


Released: 2022-10-28

  • Fix: The printout has been changed in order to produce less number of pages (case 103018).
  • Fix: Corrected a localization issue regarding "Geometrically strengthend channel wall" (Case 106446)


Released: 2021-05-05

  • New: The yield lines for walls supported at three or four sides when checking horizontal capacity are now displayed in the result and the printout (case 93721).
  • New: For the Danish annex the buckling capacity according to EC6 Annex G can not be used when the value Ek/fyk < 500. Therefore the Ritter method has been implemented as an alternative (case 101372).
  • Fix: Some minor adjustments regarding the buckling length calculation has been implemented (case 102493 & 103032).
  • Fix: For Beams a to large Gamma_s value for reinforcement was used in some cases which is corrected (case 102487).
  • Fix: The way the dead load for arches is calculated has been adjusted (case 103445).
  • Fix: A concentrated load check according to EC6 6.3 for point loads when calculating Columns has been added (case 103520).
  • Fix: The manual has been updated with regard to implemented improvements (case 103712).


Released: 2021-02-26

  • Fix: For Danish national annex, an extra check on fdy is made before calculation mehtod in EC6 Annex G is used (Case 100751 ).
  • Fix: The final creep coefficient for bricks has been changed from 0.5 to 1.0 (case 100883).


Released: 2020-10-21

  • New: User defined masonry materials can now be configured (Case 88884)
  • Fix: Explanation for each characteristic value in the masonry material windows was added as tooltip (Case 92598)
  • Fix: The user interface has been changed in order to simplify the input.  The possibility to move between different program modules has been prevented (case 93859).
  • Fix: Some adjustments regarding the result presentation for diaphragm walls and rib walls has been made (case 94242).
  • Fix: Fixed an error regarding presented units regarding column/Wall capacity in the report (Case 94288)
  • Fix: Removed some superfluous information regarding dowels in the report (Case 94303)
  • Fix: Changed some of the wording in the report regarding walls that needs to be split up in separate calculations (Case 94436)
  • Fix: Removed a warning regarding masonry material limits that are not applicable for user defined materials (Case 94442)


Released: 2020-07-01

  • Fix: At the moment capacity check for beams, divided controls into field and support moment for added clarity when it comes to support cases with rigid supports (Case 47579).
  • Fix: For Autoclaved areated blocks when used for a Cavity wall the supporting  wall could be chosen as group 2, 3 or 4 which resulted in a program crash (case 88670).
  • New: A more detailed result presentation concerning cavity walls has been added (case 88787).
  • New: It is now possible for user defined friction factors for walls and slabs when calculating shear walls  (case 88869).
  • Fix: The graphical presentation of reinforcement was somewhat adjusted (case 89189).
  • Fix: Redefined some parts of the shear capacity calculation for walls making the warning according to eq. 6.37 to be shown more correct (Case 89419).
  • Fix: A minor adjustment regarding the result presentation for reinforced walls has been made (case 89481).
  • Fix: Incorrect reinforcement strength was used the moment capacity calculation, this was corrected. Also refined the error messages from said calculation (Case 89583).
  • Fix: The shear capacity between wall and flange for shear walls was calculated conservatively due to an older code instead of EC6 which is corrected (case 89590).
  • New: It is now possible to define also a user defined reinforcement quality (case 89592).
  • New: The way vertical reinforcement is defined for Load bearing walls has been changed in order to improve the graphical presentation (case 89610).
  • Fix: Horizontal reinforcement details for beams was missing in the printout (Case 90600).


Released: 2020-03-23

  • New: The Danish annex for Eurocode has been implemented in the program (case 74424).
  • Fix: The limit where buckling is checked is changed from 0.15 Φo Ac fdy to 0.10 Φo Ac fdy for the Swedish annex (case 86403).
  • Fix: During the implementation of the Danish annex a number of improvements also affecting the other annexes has been introduced. Adjustments has been made concerning some minor calculation bugs and improvements regarding input as well as graphical result presentation (case 87896).

Masonry Design 6.4


Released: 2019-01-18

  • Fix: In some cases the program crashed when entering the Material window which is corrected (case 65663).
  • Fix: Some misspelling has been corrected (Case 73549).
  • Fix: Some results concerning shear walls where displayed double which has been corrected (case 73636).


Released: 2017-11-14

  • Fix: In the Material window dead load was displayed as kN/m3 instead of kg/m3 which is corrected (case 18490).
  • Fix: The bending strength fkx1 for lightweight concrete blocks strength class 2.5  was to low which has been corrected (case 19740).
  • Fix: Various small display errors has been corrected (case 35732).
  • Fix: The cover calculation in the Reinforcement details window was wrong in some cases which has been corrected (case 47569).
  • New: A new reinforcement quality Bi 30R Dista has been added (case 47570).
  • Fix: Wind loads for walls where wrongly displayed as kN/m should be kN/m2 (case 47577).
  • Fix: The shear check for beams regarding tension failure displayed the wrong shear force although the check was correct (case 60168).


Released: 2015-06-26

  • Updated license handling (added FlexNet support).


Released: 2014-04-16

  • Fix: The compression capacity fkx for Lightweight concrete blocks strength class 2 and 2.5 was wrong which is corrected (Case 18219).