Sliding (Retaining Wall)

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The calculation is made according to [1] 6.5.3

The following inequality shall be satisfied:

  • Hd < Rd + Rp,d
  • Hd = horizontal load
  • Rd = design shear resistance due to friction at plate bottom
  • Rp,d = resistance due to earth pressure on the plate sides (not considered in the program)

Horizontal load

  • Hd = Hx or Hd = Hy

If a horizontal load acts in both directions the resulting load will be calculated as:

  • Hd = (Hx2 + Hy2)0.5

The partial resistance factor γR,h considering uncertainties in the analytical model is predefined for design approach 3.

92997_-_flag_sweden.png Swedish Annex

Rd = 0,4 Vd