Toolbar (Retaining Wall)

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/06/28 11:57


  1. New
    Starts a new calculation. This means that everything that has been defined earlier will be deleted.
  2. Open
    Retrieves input data from a previous calculation. A list on saved input data files (that ends with *.cfs) will be shown.
  3. Save
    Saves input data for the current calculation in a file with the current file name. Save is only to be used after having used Save as.
  4. Copy
    The currently active window is copied to the clipboard, as a bitmap, where other Windows programs can retrieve it.
  5. Geometry picture
    Activates the geometry picture.
  6. Settlement picture
    Activates the settlement picture.
  7. Reinforcement picture
    Activates the reinforcement picture.
  8. Print
    Used for printing input data and results.
  9. About Retaining Wall
    Shows program information, version number etc.