Submit a case

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2021/05/12 16:39

When you want to submit a case on our customer portal you press the button 'Submit a case', they are situated at the top of the site and the middle of the site. Note that you do not have to be signed in to submit a case.

Here you can see where the buttons are situated.


Figure 1: Placement of 'Submit a case' buttons.

Submit a case

Press the 'Submit a case' button and fill out the information needed. some fields are mandatory and they are marked with *.

Those fields vary after the choices you make fx. Product.


Figure 2: Standard form for submitting a case.

The difference from submitting a case before login and after is that you have to type your email if you are not logged in to the customer portal.

If the email is not in our system an additional window will appear where you have the option to write in your name, which is not required but highly appreciated.


Figure 3: Email and name fields

You also have the option to add a file to the case with the limit of max 25Mb. It is highly recommended to do so, if it exceeds 25 Mb, use a zip-program to compress the files. It is also good to attach a screenshot to easier find where and how the problem looks on your screen.

Example of a case

Here is an example of a case about to be submitted through our portal.


Figure 4: Example of a case / ticket